The anti-gay pastor of an Alabama Baptist church had a breakdown while in the pulpit and admitted to having an “affair” with an underage boy in front of his entire congregation.
John Martin, the lead pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, resigned from his position on June 23 after confessing to what he called “an affair” with an underage boy.

Churchgoers reported his confession to local authorities, who have charged him with four counts of sexual abuse involving a child younger than 16, reports He was arrested on felony sex abuse charges on Monday (July 1).

An Alabama pastor is jailed on four felony charges of sexual abuse after his own church members reported him to the authorities.
John Martin, a 41-year-old from Florence, is held in the Lauderdale County jail with bail set at $60,000. Martin recently resigned after nine years as the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Florence.
On June 23, Martin resigned and admitted to church members that he had inappropriate relationships with young men, said Angie Hamilton, an assistant district attorney in Lauderdale County. Church members told the authorities about the admission, and a criminal investigation began.