While on a Christian, right-wing political site, I came across this comment. The article itself was about an evangelical group wanting to raise money for a political campaign.


This person is basically saying, “God doesn’t exist.” If God existed, why the foolish idea that you need a civil war to “make things right.”

Secondly, when did Jesus tell you your goal was to “make a country follow after his ideals?” Answer: NEVER. Jesus instead preached about overcoming the world (as a solo effort of the individual.) While he did say “go into the world to preach the gospel,” he also advised, if they don’t listen, move on. In other words, don’t be a DICK.

Third, If you believe the bible as truth entirely, then you have to accept those evil passages in the bible where God supposedly advised (through the High Priests) to murder children, and kill men and women… or how about those other passages where God instructed the rape of women?

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