I was just wondering around YouTube, when I saw this interview with Zeena Schreck (daughter of Anton Lavey.) Now this is just an interview. Zeena isn’t a member of the Church of Satan anymore… evidently she claims to be a Buddhist today.

But that doesn’t stop Angry Christians from overreacting into a shark frenzy sniffing for blood. Check out this stupid comment:

Dip down a bit further and you’ll see this stupid comment:

“Was it sacrificed,” he asks! Come on dude… think. Oh wait, you’re a Christian, they can’t think. You’re asking the internet something stupid… But really here’s what you should have said, “I heard she had a child, did she murder it? please tell me, because I don’t have the where with all to look at her past beliefs and see if they have anything to do with sacrifice… oh wait… they don’t… god I’m so stupid… and btw. I’m equally dumb because I evidently thought she could walk around without criminal arrest, after knowingly killing someone… my bad. excuse my Christianity.”