I personally had to disavow and disconnect (on a personal level) to the christian faith. While I hadn’t been a christian for years, I had the feelings of tolerance for the faith inside me. This created a constant conflict with me every time I saw christians behaving badly (which was a lot lately.)

My personal view, from being a preacher kid, is that the faith is insidious. It is evil, but shines itself as light. Being in it, it’s so hard to see its nature. The religion is a grab bag mentality. It’s like lego bricks. Christian groups reach in, pull out the legos they want to use and make that their theology:

If they want to love their enemies, there’s a verse for that… hate their enemies, there’s a verse for that… protect children (aka pro-life) there’s a verse for that… kill children, there’s (many) verses for that…. be compassionate towards women, a verse for that… burn, murder and rape them… verses for that.

So while the sales pitch is always about “love,” as one goes long enough in the system, it’s really about power and politics… and those lego bricks are hand picked to control the followers.

This is how the fundamentalist movement could demand “family values” presidential candidates and 30 years later say, “we need to vote for god’s anointed, who isn’t really a good man at all.” There’s no consistency, because the faith, at its roots is inconsistent.

“Jesus is Love” or a Killer

In 2013, I met a few Tea Party members online. While I found their political views disgusting, I wanted to see how they could rectify their faith (as they were all Christians) with their actions.

Openly thy espoused the killing of criminals… especially non-white criminals. So I asked about passages of Jesus, such as: “love your enemies, pray for those who despitefully use you.”

Their response to me was simple… to them, I was cherry picking the religion. In their mind, Jesus was really represented in one passage (John 2:15) Here we see Jesus with a whip, snapping it at people and overturning money tables, which were set up in the Temple.

These alt-right Christians saw this as the prime example of Jesus… he was some sort of vigilante. They all agreed that Jesus here, was actually killing people (although the Bible doesn’t say that), this is what they surmise from the passage. An angry Jesus killing miscreants in the temple with his whip.

This, mirrored their world view, and then by going into the passages in the Old Testament, they correlated a God who was demanding, cruel and hateful. A god who murdered whole towns for the sin of being gay, or drowned millions around the world due to sin. This “cleansing force,” of god in the Old Testament seemed to correlate to the “Cleansing the Temple,” passage of John 2:15. In fact, many bibles will reference that passage as, “Cleansing the Temple.”

The Christian Rollercoaster Ride

When people become Christians, it is often the product of a witness, or a sermon. I know the pitch well, as I grew up in the system. As you’ll see, the sales pitch and marketing is just the beginning, in time the Christian is molded and transformed and taught to think in a way that makes them a pawn of a political system.

Sales Pitch – “God is Love”

They are given a sales pitch and the pitch goes something like this:

“Pardon me, but I wanted to know if I could ask you something? Do you know where you go when you die?”

Or it might start with this angle: “Are you aware of God’s love for you?”

From there, the sales pitch will tell you a story that you were born in sin, and have committed sin. God, they tell you, hates sin and can not be one with sin… you, if you die in sin, will be cast away from god’s realm. This, they tell you, is hell.

But, they say, if you “take Jesus into your heart you’ll be saved from sin and will share in his reward… you will have a kingdom to manage, or a mansion in heaven… you will live forever in a perfected body to rule and reign with god…”

The Reframe of an Angry God

As Christians “grow” in the system, they will slip from a “God is Love,” concept (that sales pitch), to God is angry. This becomes evident when there’s a natural disaster in a liberal part of the country… an Earthquake in California is due to people not “obeying the laws of the land (immigration)” or perhaps it’s god’s anger towards those who are (or are open) to transgender and gay lifestyles or the all-too-common, “god is upset with the pro abortion stance of those people.”

Fascinatingly, when a tornado rips through a conservative Christian town in the mid-west, these same people don’t see it “god’s anger” but rather “random acts of nature.”

Street preachers will tell you “god hates fags,” or the more normalized bunch of evangelicals will say this in a more PR sort of way, “God doesn’t hate the sinner but he hates the sin and this sin is an abomination.”

Where did God’s love go? Out the window.

Some pastors will even try and harmonize with the audience saying, “I personally have no problems with what two consenting adults do in their spare time, but this is what God says, so I must relay it to you… this is a sin that is called an abomination…. He has killed whole civilizations for this sin…. We must protect against it, with all our effort – even politically, so that we are clearly on the good side of our God.”

Mind Control

Christianity works through a very subtle form of mind control. It asserts that the knowledge of men is not wise at all… that although a Christian’s views may appear illogical, contradictory, and false – in their view it is really quite logical.

In other words, “don’t trust the scientist… do not trust the philosopher and sure as hell, do not trust your own logic and reason.”

Lack of Individual Thought

Throughout this experience, the Christian is not encouraged to think for themselves. If you’re a Christian, and disagree, ask yourself a question… do your thoughts happen to agree/align with those in the church you go to? Do you share similar stances on politics? Do your beliefs differ from some of the teachings of Jesus (i.e. Matthew 25:35-46 being pro immigration, pro homeless, etc.)?

The power of the church is in how they can motivate people to even think contrary to their own “savior.” Where Jesus preached about “letting the stranger in,” the Christian pulpit will demand a vote to a republican who wants to “build a wall” to keep the stranger out.

This is the evidence of control. This is the hive-mind process of Christianity and it is due to this condition that politicians identified this group as a powerful ally in gaining powerful seats in government – as this group of people is so easily manipulated with fear.

Disavowing Science

For thewisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise intheir craftiness.” 

1 Corinthians 3:19

The verse quoted above is often used by Christians to denounce any science that doesn’t align to their faith, or that they can’t understand.

Literal Christians will explain that the world is a mere 4-6,000 years old. But science says otherwise… “oh well science is wrong.”

If we go back far enough, we can see how the Catholic church persecuted people who believed the earth was round, or that it wasn’t the center of the solar system.

Today, some Christians are now saying that scientists are making big money, to present false narratives about dinosaurs… that dinosaurs are a fake news item of science.

Other, more mainstream Christians, put faith in the Noah’s ark story… Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Sodom and Gomorrah and so on. If anthropologists can’t agree, then they denounce them as false. If they agree, they praise them as right…

This is due to a logic flaw of Christianity… the religion is not seeking truth (whether it agrees or disagrees with their view), but rather they seek only that evidence that aligns with their pre-determined faith goals.

No Personal Responsibility

By removing personal responsibility, the christian is allowed to do what they want, and pray for forgiveness later. They can kill, rape, commit child abuse, and then go to the hanging tree to ask Jesus to pour a bit more blood over them to clean them off…

Blood Sacrifices = Blood Cult

In the book of Hebrews, Paul impresses upon the reader that it is only through blood that the remission of sin is allowed… by no other means can one be free of sin. Again, removing personal responsibility, one takes on the sacrifice of Jesus and can live however they wish.

But does blood make any sense? How does sacrificing an animal (in the old testament) clean you of your sin of theft? If your child broke a window and lied about it, would you say, “ok bring me your pet dog… we’re going to cleanse your sin with its blood…”? Of course not. It’s not only cruel, but lacks any reason or logic.

Blood sacrifice comes from he ancient Canaanite Religions. In fact it is the religion of “El,” that became the tribes of the “chosen ones,” who became Hebrews, which bore the religion of Christianity.

Modern Jewish people no longer see the Bible as literal… which is very much different from the modern Christian. So where the Jewish person doesn’t even consider blood sacrifice, the modern christian cherishes it.

Yet it has no logic nor reason.

Disavowing Reason

The Christian mind is not one of a thinker. One doesn’t reason out if something is right or wrong… on obeys what the Bible says… but the problem here is that the Bible is contradictory. In one place it says that harming children is a great sin, in another God instructs the butchery of children. In one passage Jesus defends a woman from being murdered, yet the Bible calls for the murder of women caught in adultery.

“Oh but that’s because we are in a new covenant of Jesus…” Then why carry all that junk in your bible that you say doesn’t apply? Why not rip it out of there and burn it?

Further, if you are so against the Old Testament, why do you cite it to condemn people who are gay or transgender? Why is the Old Testament quoted to defend our nation’s choice to enter a war?

This is a break in logic and reason. What people want in their faith is out of convenience.

Teachings of Jesus vs. the Pulpit

An example of mind control, is that the Christian faith has clear instructions from its own “savior.” Jesus himself instructs others on how to relate to the world and the people within it. Yet this is in strike contradiction to the message taught from the pulpit.

Jesus Taught:

  • To love the enemy
  • To not live for the world
  • To not care about politics/taxes/government
  • To not get caught up in worldly riches and concerns
  • To be willing to die and be hated
  • To feed the hungry
  • To let the stranger in
  • To have compassion on the criminal
  • To help the sick

The Evangelical Pulpit Teaches:

  • Be afraid of an angry god
  • Loving the sinner, often loves the sin – extract it all from society through political legislation
  • Vote, and vote for a specific party
  • We need to build walls and be afraid of strangers – keep them out
  • Be afraid of other religions – they will turn your children against you
  • Be afraid of scientists – they will turn your children from god
  • War is necessary

Evidence of this, is as I mentioned in the first part of this post… How Christians went from voting for “family values presidential candidates” to voting for a man who self-admittedly said he “grabs women by the pussy” and forces kisses on them… in other words – one who admitted sexual assault.

How did such a odd switch in time occur? It happened through the church influencers like Lance Walnau, and Billy Graham’s son Franklin. Such as these turned the mind’s of church goers to think that Isaiah chapter 45, is about the 45th president of the United States. Isn’t that stupid? It’s not even logical. Does that mean Isaiah 44 was about Obama and Isaiah 1 was about George Washington?

Taking one verse in Isaiah 45, they construct a theory that God anoints sinners to lead governments… and hence they cast off their need for family values.

Lack of Freewill & Choice

The Bible story of the Garden of Eden pretends to tell us we were created with freewill… but the choice of Christianity is NOT of freewill at all.

You are given this scenario:

Either become a Christian or burn in hell for eternity.

That’s not a choice. That’s not freewill. That’s called coercion. It’s like a mobster holding you at the edge of the cliff at gunpoint saying, “do what we want or jump off this cliff… it’s your choice.”

But that isn’t a choice of freedom, as the two alternatives are not equal. This makes Christians fall in line with the influencers… and those influencers… they aren’t even living a Christian Lifestyle!

Christian Influencers

Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell (and Jerry Falwell Jr.), Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Lance Wallnau, Jimmy Swaggart, the cast of Trinity Broadcasting Network(Benny Hinn, etc.) – these are the influencers of modern Christianity.

Through their books, television broadcasts and their pulpit preaching, they influence and demand adherents to fall in line with their theology that has been handpicked for some specific motivation.

The net worth of most of these individuals is outstanding. It reaches into the hundreds of millions. Yet Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.

If these influencers are not asking for your money, they are demanding your vote. Lance Wallnau reached out to influence millions of Christians, taking away their guilt in voting for someone that is 100% against their moral compass. That’s power.

Consider Lance Wallnau’s obscene claim in 2013 that Christian believers are going to be given cures for Diabetes and other diseases first:

This video of Lance above, is pure comedy. It’s not even in alignment to their own faith. Where did Jesus ever teach to put the believers ahead of non-believers?

Again, to follow this, you must forego logic and reason.

In the video above, Franklin Graham (son of the famous Billy Graham) is reaching out to Christian Republicans to convince them that Trump is no longer grabbing pussy and assaulting women. Now he’s reformed.

By why does Graham care? His own savior said, “this is not my world… my kingdom is not of this world,” so why is Franklin getting involved? In fact Franklin gets so involved that 90% of his Facebook comments in 2016 were to reframe Donald Trump as the Christian’s ONLY choice for leadership.

Again, even to one’s own faith, this is illogical… but again, Christianity is not about reason and logic – it is about obedience to your master… and this master isn’t even God…. it’s a god of their own making.

Christianity is Evil

Real evil, is that which controls the will of others. It is that which offers no choice, no compassion except to those who bend the knee.

Using the sales pitch of Jesus is love, newcomers are sworn in and tricked into a political establishment of control. They evolve from kindness, into indifference of the human problems of others.

Lacking reason and logic, the Christian is transformed into a really good follower. Being a good slave, the Christian hands over money to make Christian influencers rich, who in turn gain more control over said Christians.

Without knowledge or understanding of the Bible, the christian adherent is forced into thinking a certain way that makes them vote a certain way… thereby establishing deeper control of the Christian false faith.

But the real evil of Christianity is in it’s appearance of being holy, compassionate and loving… yet it lacks heavily in all three regards.