The following Christian went on a rampage online because someone said that a person can be gay and be a Christian:


This guy “samuel moore” is so out of his mind it’s hard to follow his train of thought. Obviously he identifies with being a Christian. He says that a couple has to repent and come to god… but then states that in the case of being gay the activity must end. What of a divorcee who remarries? that’s a sin in the Bible. I bet you, Samuel’s ok with that.

Notice Samuel’s graphic depiction of gay sex… typical angry Christian response… “…but gays are saying they can go to church, hear the word come back hone [home, he can’t even spell] suck on a dick get hit in the ass or women eat each other out and theyre still christians bullshit.”

Wonder if he kisses Jesus with that mouth… and I kinda get the vibe that Samuel knows a bit too much of what goes on … sounds like he has some fantasies playing out here…. hmm?